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You Can Trust US...

We Get It. It's the High-Stakes Moments.

We are a team of entrepreneurs. But, we are artists, performers, explorers, concertgoers, creators, thrill-seekers, and sometimes... yeah... fans out on an exciting journey.

We know that excitement of listening to your favorite music, chit-chat with your precious peeps, grooving with your mates, or simply going for Rock N' Roll.
We understand what you're going through and what you need.

It's Time to be Extraordinary!

Our journey was somewhat overwhelming – many ups & downs, yes, but it inspires us to discover more and more gadgets to jazz up the lifestyle of our enthusiasts.

Whatever stage you're about to step out onto - from exploring durable, affordable, or ultra-fashionable gadgets to stepping toward a conference room or a concert hall – we empower you with the proven audio gadgets you need to experience & make the extraordinary happen.


Wanderers, Rovers, melophilia, Creators, Optimistic, Young, Dazzling, Compassionate, Exotic, Subtle, Resilient, Marvelous, Ambitious, Spunky, Wild, Bold, Bashful, Glamorous, Fashionista.

What's Next?

With a history of innovation, Saltgears has turned its passion for offering great
microphones & audio electronic gadgets into an obsession. We continue to set the
industry norms & standards for reliable, superior products.

Good sound is pleasing for some individuals. But, we're only interested and strive to deliver the good experiences that inspire and immerse you!


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