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saltgears aura
  • 900+ Minutes
    Battery Time
  • Acoustic echo cancellation / suppression
  • Ultra Light

Truly immersive music sensation: AURA

Get your hands on the Aura and reach for the audio experience like a live concert or movie theater... like no other headphone delivers the bass, you can ever sense.

That’s how we deliver

The best sound and features

aura feature



Trying to read a book in a packed, noisy place? Must you be on the lookout for a delicate wireless headgear? Think you've found them! With Aura, get an insight into how much — or how little — you'll be listening around you.

Your audio experience
for yourself

Aura is ideal for a fascinating sound experience with deep dynamic bass. Crafted from high-quality materials, the robust and trendy models offer exceptional versatility and superior sound.

Sound That Come From Beauty

with Super Dynamic sound enhancement

Design brilliance

Stylish and highly comfortable

Listen to music, do activities, or simply relax by turning off the world for a little while. Our over-ear headphones create a calm space around your head, allowing you to enjoy the clean, detailed sound.

aura enc

privilege for you

Wirelessly connecting your gadgets is simple and quick. The SaltGears Aura uses Bluetooth v5.0 and has a 10-meter range.

This means you can listen to your favorites without missing a beat

aura enc

Defying the splashes

Aura can withstand water/moisture for an extended period, whether it's workout
sweat or light rains.

aura water
aura water

Your go-to audio comfort

Impressively crafted with a combination of relaxing and soothing sounds, creating a serene space around your head.

Give your music the moment.

With powerful eVN Noise-Canceling, excellent sound, and unrivaled voice, the SaltGears Aura transforms any room into a zone where you'll feel the music inside out.

aura water

Stylish. Smart. Symphony.

Auxiliaries are in the details. As we choose material for headphones with detailed care. Our soft and comfortable earmuffs and dynamic drivers allow longer listening sessions. And the comfy soft-covered headband, designed to fit snugly over your head.

aura golden

Keep it on play

SaltGears Aura delivers up to 15hrs+ of wireless playback on a single charge, allowing you to listen
to your music all day.


Fusing calmness with
better sound

Impressively crafted with a combination of relaxed and soothing sounds. The SaltGears Aura is your go-to wireless audio buddy, whether you're listening to your favorite tunes at home or podcasts while you're out and away.

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Hear the unheard

A uniquely designed, precisely tuned, low warping dynamic driver provides strong bass. The speaker driver is powered by the amplifier, which controls listening levels and creates a clear sound.

Get closer to whatever you love with

SaltGears Aura.