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  • Environment Noises
    Cancellation (ENC)
  • Wireless
  • Dual Master

A Wholesome TWS

Get the SaltGears Neo X2 and wear it while feeling relaxed and at ease. From the precise, minimalist TWS to the charging case with its tactile, high-end finishes, it's all about sleek and subtle elegance.

That’s how we deliver

The best sound and features



Carry your favorite beats everywhere you go with these truly wireless earbuds, which include 11mm drivers for dynamic sound and soft silicone buds for stress-free wearing.

Take a PRECISE look

Neo X2 is ideal for a fascinating sound experience with deep dynamic bass. Crafted from high-quality materials, the robust and trendy models offer exceptional versatility and superior sound.


Carrying Style with Features

hold on to this iconic piece of wholesome features

Powerful Audio Mechanism

It features an enhanced antenna design to transfer sound simultaneously to the left and right ears, ensuring a stable connection and excellent listening.


Sturdy Connectivity
Bluetooth v5.0

An optimum Bluetooth v5.0 chipset designed for supreme ease auto connect technology for instant pairing the moment it's taken out of the case.

Splash of Incredible Power

With a 40mAh battery of earbud and a 360mAh capacity case, you can get up to 30hours+ of blissful audio playback at once. Aside from Type-C quick charging, it has wireless charging too.


Touch-in with Attention

It's simpler to chat with someone without taking off your earbuds when you can lower the volume by putting your finger over the earbud instantly. Moreover, it has ENC, which quiets unwanted noises and makes all listening enjoyable.

Dual Master Earbuds

You can use two earbuds together or only one of them to meet your various needs.

Technology you have never experienced

SaltGears Neo X2