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SaltGears Rockster

The dynamic speaker produces a wide frequency range, revealing every sound's depth and giving unparalleled texture and precision. Wireless headphones featuring the ideal balance of music, comfort, and style that you'll want to wear all day.

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The best sound and features

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Carry your joy
with you wherever you go.

The Single/Dual MIC Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) & Acoustic Echo Cancellation/Suppression (AEC/AES)
technology allows you to listen to your music peacefully, even in the noisiest environments.




You'll feel it the moment you put them on. The soft and comfortable earmuffs seal you inside, and Woosh! everything fades away. And when the music hits, you fall in love all over again!


All Over-The-Heads!

A simply accessible wireless over-the-head wearable
with AUX connectivity and a foldable wrapping feature.


Enhance your musical lifestyle.

Rediscover your music experience. SaltGears Rockster -
a perfect blend of style and music with an ultimate listening experience.

An UPGRADE in enhancement.

Rockster delivers an incomparable listening experience by combining a 30-band EQ and
superfast Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity with Dual MIC Environmental Noise Cancellation.


Comfort like a Feather

The over-ear headphones have been redesigned from the ground up. The Rockster is designed for a headstrong fit from the padding to the top, allowing you to immerse yourself in every sound entirely. We made it to fit a range of head sizes.

( Powerful ))
Dynamic Drivers

Our dynamic drivers' power now features the best-in-class 40mm wide movable ring and dual handle 4D startling bass, allowing you to fine-tune your music to your preferences.


Surround Sound Technology

An ultra-light, acoustically constructed body boasts excellent strength, flexibility, and comfort, with a unique mechanism that strikes an optimum balance while worn.

Crystal Clear Audio

Wideband microphones isolate your speech during a phone conversation, allowing it to be heard clearly even in noisy environments.
Even at full volume, the outcome is always crystal clear.


Listen, Watch or Talk rockster-batteryicon It keeps stayin’ alive.

Super large battery capacity with 25hrs+ of standby time and a charge duration of 2.5 hours.
So, just skip the pause button, and go nuts without running out of power.

A perfect balance of Design and Music.

SaltGears Rockster.