Elite Pro: A New Era of Elite Sound

Elite Pro: A New Era of Elite Sound

Remarkable tech compared to other earbuds in the same or higher segments.

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There is a unifying aesthetic across today's most popular consumer technologies. The wireless earbuds market is experiencing explosive growth, now representing the fastest-growing audio segment product. 

Given this, we've also become part of this largest smart audio device market segment.

First up, we are introducing the most precise earbud from our collection.

The Elite Pro has some remarkable tech compared to other earbuds in the same or higher segments.

We will continue to elaborate on some of its amazing features so that you will know why we mention it so much.

Active Noise Cancellation:

Most of us are familiar with ANC, or Active Noise Cancellation. So here is the deal. ANC is an anti-distortion technology that helps block out external noise while wearing earbuds.

Elite Pro has ANC tech enough to give competition to other high-end names. Its Dual Sensitive Microphones take action dynamically while measuring the outside noise.


Transparent Mode:

We don't always want to remove the earbuds. So feel free to talk and listen without removing them. With Transparent Mode, you can interact freely with others.

The SaltGears Elite Pro offers an eVN Transparent Mode that instantaneously links you to the surroundings with just a 2-sec tap.


Deep Stereo Bass:

When considering a bass head, choosing the right earbuds is essential to your listening experience.

TWS earbuds with deep bass keep you energized during your workouts or deliver enough of a punch to be entertaining without affecting the rest of the music.

Yes! We are talking about Elite Pro.


Wireless Charging:

Our TWS earbuds have become a flourishing category of wireless technologies, as we provide the flexibility of not being constrained by wires.

SaltGears Elite Pro comes with a super-fast wireless charging case, which keeps you charged-up and lets you experience the completely wireless sensation.


More marking on the conclusion:

These earbuds speak for themselves. With a quiet or noisy state of mind, we can only feel its presence within our ears.


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