SaltGears: Bringing Smart Wearables

SaltGears: Bringing Smart Wearables

SaltGears brings some amazing smart wearable tech, including some amazing wireless headphones and TWS earbuds.
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There are specific criteria for why some music touches our emotions so deeply. We recite, dance to, and infuse it into our playlists and lifestyles.

To meet all of these criteria, SaltGears brings some amazing smart wearable tech, including some amazing wireless headphones and TWS earbuds.

Speaking of the first in the line, this TWS earbud is not only meant to give you an immersive music experience but will also add an extra star to your styling sense.

Elite Pro: A New Era of Elite Sound

This wireless earbud has some specified dynamic specs, like Deep Bass, Wireless Charging, Anti-Distortion Audio (ANC), Transparent Mode, and many more.

Elite Pro has a sleek alignment that is designed to match any of your fashion mood.

Now, let's continue to the next magnificent creation.

This time, we're talking about headphones that can carry your energy all day long, wherever you go... and it's not just about saying.

Rockster:  A Perfect Balance of Design and Music.

Rockster loads awesome features with an eye-catching style. It features powerful 40mm 4D shocking drivers, which deliver intense acoustic music with deep bass.

These on-ear wireless headphones will go with any of your music-to-movie moods. Its Hi-Fi sound and comfy suspension earmuffs are an excellent combination for hassle-free usage and a long-lasting playback time, giving you a full-day entertainment buzz.

Next, we will talk about the sassy queen of the group. She is a beauty full of features.

Yes, she's none other than...

AURA: Sound That Comes From The Beauty

Aura has a sleek design, an ultralight body housing 40mm stereo drivers, IP67 water/sweat resistance, and an all-day playback time.

If you want headphones, I recommend you go with AURA. It has a very catchy design with stunning features.

Ok then, it's time for the dessert. So here comes the sweet treat for your ears. 

Neo X2: A Wholesome TWS

For all of you, we saved the finest for the last.

Neo X2 is a TWS designed to give you an unbeatable gaming experience with no audio delay. With its ultra-low latency feature, you can play games, listen to music, or watch movies that will all be smooth and clear.

It also includes super-fast wireless charging with 30hrs+ of unstoppable playback time.

So now you all understand why this earbud is extra special.

We've just stepped into this world, and this is the beginning of our acoustic tour. So, join us and undergo every music moment with us because we are passionate and strive to deliver great experiences that inspire and immerse you!

So, it's time for a change... let's switch!


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